Are you ready to ride into the future with Capall Rock?

We build upon the greatest innovations in activewear and fashion today to create the riding wear of the future.

Whether you are in the arena at home or at a show – you want to feel fearless! Our primary collection has been designed with you in mind, to give you a competitive edge.

With innovation in every stitch, we are developing a full range of riding apparel that will give you the perfect fit, to feel and look your best whether you are in the competition ring or at the yard.

The first collection includes highly technical fabrics sourced by experts. For show days, there are breeches, show jackets and show shirts. For the more casual look, we have designed breeches, everyday riding jackets and technical t-shirts using manufacturing techniques not yet seen in the equestrian field, creating the ultimate look for both horse and rider.

Steering away from traditional looks, we aim to create a range for the riders of tomorrow.

Signature collection coming soon…

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